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The professional world can be tricky to navigate.  As I begin to build my reputation in the business world, I am learning a lot about networking and the dos and don’ts of business etiquette.

Today I attended my first professional luncheon hosted by a local accounting firm.  Because I had an hour between class and the luncheon, I ate a small lunch (homemade black bean burritos) before the luncheon began.  The luncheon went well and few noticed I wasn’t eating.  I have some tips for those who may be attending professional luncheons in the future.

1.  Don’t assume. I assumed that the luncheon would be a buffet and I, luckily, was right.  Had I been wrong…. well, I’m not sure what I would have done honestly.  When in doubt, e-mail the organizer of the event and ask about the menu.  You do not need to state that you are vegan, just that you have some questions.  You might be able to skip the meal and eat before or after the event, or bring your own food.

Once you find out what kind of menu (plated vs. buffet, what food is served, who is doing the catering) you can decide what next to do.  If you need to eat at the event and are not able to bring your own food, contacting the catering company or the restaurant is the next step.  Contacting the restaurant or caterer directly also cuts out the middle man and provides you with more accurate information.  The event organizer may not know every ingredient of every dish and does not likely have the ability to get you a meal that fits your requirements.

2.  Be careful of what you say. Don’t tell people you are lactose intolerant when you are not just to avoid dairy, but it is ok to say you are not hungry (even though you may be) when someone asks why you are not eating.  It is also ok to change the subject if people start questioning you about what you are eating if you are not comfortable discussing your diet.  You may run into individuals who take jokes too far or who may make rude comments about your choices.  Remember to rise above the comments and tell them that you are not ok with what they have said but you can discuss it later.

3.  Above all, relax and have fun. I know it can be difficult to watch others eat meat and deal with comments and looks, but enjoy the luncheon for what it is: a chance to network, possibly learn something new, and a break from your regular work routine.

If you have any tips for dealing with professional events leave a comment!




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