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I may be a little late to be announcing my resolutions, but better late than never right? Without further ado, here are my resolutions for the new year:


  • Participate in the Post a Week 2011 held by WordPress, though I do want to post more frequently than that.
  • Add more resources to the blog to make it more of a useful tool for vegans, vegetarians, and meat-eaters.


  • Give myself enough time to finish assignments by starting early.
  • Survive the semester and pass my classes.
  • Become better friends with my co-workers.


  • Continue to educate myself on what veganism means and the conditions animals are kept in.
  • Continue on my journey of veganism and fighting for the animals.


  • Volunteer 4 hours a month.
  • Do strength exercising twice a week and cardio twice a week.
  • Continue cooking food for friends and family.
  • Decrease the amount of food I waste.

My Transition

As I mentioned in my first post,  I am still new to veganism.  My journey has been a rewarding one so far and one that I intend to continue on for the rest of my life.

Until this year (and more specifically, the past several months),  I was never into animal rights.  To the old me, it seemed like a contradiction.  Animals aren’t supposed to have rights!  They are animals!  I hunted small game with my dad and his friends and while I didn’t have a problem actually killing the animal, I was never able to skin it.  Nor was I ever able to chop up the animal into parts.  I left those jobs to my father.

In high school I had a friend who was a vegetarian (she is no longer vegetarian).  She was vegetarian because she was not comfortable eating a dead body.  To her, the life of a cow and a fish was equal to that of a human.  I disagreed with her reasoning then but her just being vegetarian was enough to plant a seed in my brain.

Then, almost three years after I graduated high school, I decided to give up all meat, poultry, and fish for Lent.  My original intention was to be vegetarian only for the duration of Lent.  But as Lent progressed I began doing more research into vegetarianism.  I started looking at vegetarian blogs and even joined a vegetarian forum.   I began to educate myself on the treatment of livestock and after a lot of thinking and praying, I realized I was no longer comfortable eating meat.  I realized that the practice of eating meat was not line in with my other beliefs.  So after Easter Sunday I announced that I was going to remain a vegetarian.

Then, over the summer, I began to look into the treatment of dairy cows and laying hens.  I began doing research on animal testing and what happens to the animals that are used for leather and wool and other products we use everyday.  And I realized that I wanted nothing to do with any of it.

But I was still hesitant to make the change I knew I needed to: go vegan.  And then I watched the film “Earthlings”.  And seeing how we treated animals, instead of reading about it, made the decision to become vegan the easiest thing to do.

I had my “last meal” as a non-vegan on August 22, 2010.  August 23, 2010 was the first day of my veganism.

My Philosophy

I believe that all life is sacred.  I believe that my life is not worth more than the life of any other living being.  I believe that it is wrong to exploit animals and use them as tools to get what you want.  I believe that we can all live together peacefully.

Welcome to my blog, “A Considerate Life”. A Considerate Life is about living as a vegan in a very non-vegan city.  It is about learning to navigate grocery stores, restaurant menus, and social events.  It is about shattering stereotypes of vegans and veganism and providing support to others in similar situations.

I am new to veganism and still learning. I don’t believe it is possible to be 100% cruelty-free in our world.  There are animal ingredients in nearly everything and many products are still required to be tested on animals.  I hope that some day this will change, but until then it is about living as cruelty-free as I can and learning to adapt as I go.  I make mistakes and I am willing to admit as much.  And when I do make a mistake, I learn from it and will move on.

I am not “just” a vegan. Veganism is a huge part of my life but it is only a part of my life.  I am a sister, a daughter, a student, a cook, and an optimist.  I believe in the good of people.  I like puzzles and organizing things and decorating.  I am a sucker for books and kitchen equipment.  I have big dreams but I doubt myself and sell myself short sometimes.

It is my goal to get you to think and start a discussion.  I want everyone to feel comfortable to reply with what they think, even if it disagreeing with what I posted.  We can’t learn if we aren’t challenged.



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